10 Places to Feature Your Brand Video for Maximum ROI

Kris Simmons

A company brand video can a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, so it’s important that you feature it in as many places as possible, both offline and online.

Here are 10 places every brand video should be featured to guarantee maximum return on your investment.


In most cases, your website is the first place a prospective customer goes to learn more about your company. Video has proven to help increase conversions from your website by as much as 80%, so it’s important that your brand video be featured prominently on your homepage. It’s okay to also feature it in a “video” or “media” section on your website, but you’ll get the best ROI if it’s the first thing people see “above the fold” on your home page. You don’t want people to have to scroll down on your homepage to see the video.

Trade Show Exhibit

At trade shows, you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a prospective client. Since most people will often look over your exhibit from a distance before approaching, it’s important to have something that grabs their attention from afar. Your brand video is the perfect solution for this. Build a screen into the backdrop of your display, put a large screen on a stand off to the side near the front of your display area or simply place the screen on a tabletop. Just make sure it’s large enough to get people’s attention. I recommend a screen that’s 55” or larger. If you don’t want to purchase it, you can rent a screen from a local AV rental company, which can deliver it, set it up and break it down for you.

Facebook Page

If you have a company Facebook page, your brand video should be the first thing people see when visiting your page. Video is the most popular type of content on social media, especially Facebook, so take full advantage of that. Be sure to upload the video directly to your Facebook page. That ensures more people will see it versus simply sharing a link from your YouTube Channel. Another great way to get your brand video in front of more prospects, is to pay to boost the post that features your video, or to run an ad that targets your prospective clients.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the second most utilized search engine behind Google, so it makes perfect sense to feature a brand video on your channel. Relevant videos rank high when prospects are searching for your products and services online, so if your competitors have video on YouTube, and you don’t, they’ll be the ones getting all the search traffic. If you really want to supercharge your website SEO, embed your brand video from YouTube directly into your website page. It makes sense that since Google owns YouTube, their algorithms prioritize company websites that also feature videos embedded from YouTube. Google refrains from saying as much, but I’ve seen websites with YouTube embeds outperform those with videos hosted on other platforms.


As the most powerful social platform for B2B companies, it’s equally imperative that your brand video be featured on your LinkedIn company page, personal profile, etc. Its a major bonus if you can get your employees to feature your video in their profiles as well. LinkedIn has finally made it to a point where they also prioritize video content in people’s feeds so make sure you have content ready to showcase when someone searches for things or people relevant to your industry.


What LinkedIn is for B2B, Instagram is for B2C companies, so if you sell a product to end consumers, your brand videos have to be featured on this platform. As of the time of this writing, Instagram limits video content to 60 seconds or less, so make sure you plan for that if this platform is part of your video distribution strategy.

Waiting Area or Lobby

An awesome way to make a great first impression offline is to feature your company brand video in your waiting area or lobby. People often have to wait a few minutes before “going back” so why not use that time to introduce them to your company, products or services with a powerful video. If people often wait for an extended period of time, you can consider producing multiple videos about various aspects of your business for them to see. This is a great way to promote lesser-known products or services, feature customer stories, etc.

Email Signature

An often overlooked distribution channel for your brand videos is the email signature. A great way to get more eyeballs on your video is to insert a link to “watch your video” in the signatures of every employee at your company. This is especially useful when prospecting for cold leads, but can be equally effective when following up with warm leads or existing clients. Everyone loves video and having one in your email signature will separate you from the competition.

Sales Presentations

When pitching a new account, kick off your presentation with your company brand video. This helps to set the tone for the meeting, and can answer a lot of your prospects questions about what you do, who you work with and how you can help them be more successful.

Speaking Gigs

If you or members of your team often engage in public speaking opportunities, launching your talk with a brand video is an awesome way to get people excited about your presentation. I suggest greeting the audience first, then letting them know that you are going to show them the video. Playing a video without first introducing it will often result in people not engaging with it because they are still getting situated at their table or seat.

Kris Simmons is the Executive Producer and CEO for 6 STRONG MEDIA, an award-winning video production and motion graphic design agency based in Chattanooga, Tennessee with clients located throughout the U.S. and Canada. 6 STRONG MEDIA offers turn-key video solutions and production support services for corporate marketing, sales, training, education, meetings and events. Learn more at

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