Chattanooga, TN

Literally Perfect

While Chattanoogans don’t always break into song, it’s easy to imagine why living here has us singing our own praises—literally. And we’re looking for talented people to join us in building our community. If you’re not totally convinced to join the chorus, let us break it down for you.

African American Texting We’ve been voted Outside Magazine’s “Best Town Ever” twice. From mountain biking to rock climbing and paddle boarding on the Tennessee River, we have what it takes to satisfy the most intrepid explorer. To make life in Chattanooga even sweeter, you can get from our downtown to a hiking trail on a ridge in 10 minutes.

As you heard already, Chattanooga is the Gig City. Yep, we own that. The first city in the Western Hemisphere to offer one-gigabit internet service. Call us overachievers, but we didn’t s-l-o-w down after that either. We took it to the next level – now we’re 10-GIG city. That’s, literally, 10 times better. Just like Chattanooga is at least 10 times better than most places.

Rock Climber Obviously, the gig has its business advantages (helloooo 3D printers). But it’s kind of a big deal in everyday life too (*cough* watching Netflix *cough*). Imagine never seeing the buffering “wheel of death” again—you know the one —when trying to stream your favorite movie musicals. Still living in the internet Stone Age?

By now we imagine you’re thinking, “Super-swift internet and nearby whitewater rapids cost big bucks,” right? Not so. Chattanooga’s cost of living lands below national averages, especially for housing (our average median home price? $172,000). Home can be a downtown loft in the Tomorrow Building, a great place for new arrivals to crash, or a 10-acre farm in the surrounding hills. See for yourself how far your dollar can go here. Are you more of a self-starter startup? Chattanooga’s affordability attracts like-minded business entrepreneurs. In fact, SmartAsset found estimated first-year costs for running a business in Chattanooga are about half of what you’d pay in Silicon Valley.

If we still haven’t convinced you to sing along, maybe this will. While we’re into our day jobs, we prefer not to spend our time singing about “work, work, work, work, work.” Unlike the “Big City,” we value life outside of work, too. And there’s plenty to do. If you like it, we’ve got it. Food. Sports. Art. Music. Game of Thrones replica swords (literally). Whether your ideal day is spent snapchatting river otters or getting your drink on at one of many new breweries or distilleries, you can do it here. Our tech savvy town even offers some unique opportunities for continuing education, like Center Centre, the first dedicated UX design school.

Strut Young Folks We really are the Tom Hanks of places. We’re the GIG City AND we’re the Scenic City. Because Chattanooga’s got enough moxie to rock two monikers. At the risk of sounding too braggadocious, Chattanooga’s ever-changing, magnificent views always surprise. (Don’t believe us? Check out #noogagram). And, we’ve got all four seasons.

Lookout View

The best part about Chattanooga? Our cast and crew. We’re not trying to be the next Silicon Valley. Though, HBO is welcome to film a series about our own, thriving, start-up scene. With our showstopping mentality and Southern hospitality, we’ve got the perfect set. Now we need the talent. And we’ve got a starring role, just for you. Ready for your close up? Pack your bags and make the move. Let’s find you a job and soon you’ll be singing our tune.


Headquartered in Chattanooga and operating in 25+ US cities, Bellhops is the fastest growing tech-enabled moving company in the US taking on a $25B market. Our model creates huge operational efficiencies that produce better moving experiences, with significantly lower overhead & prices than traditional movers- making hands free moving accessible to more people than ever before. Apply here.


Meditract, founded in Chattanooga, is the only enterprise compliance and Contract Lifecycle Management suite dedicated solely to healthcare. As a result, Meditract serves as a trusted advisor to 1 in 4 hospitals nationwide. Meditract has been a finalist for the Chattanooga Small Business of the Year two years in a row, as well as a finalist in the Spirit of Innovation award. Apply here.

Reliance Partners

One of the fastest-growing insurance agencies in the country, Reliance Partners provides commercial risk management and insurance solutions to a national client base largely concentrated in the transportation and logistics industries. Apply here.


Skuid was founded in 2013 on the simple belief that enterprise apps should behave more like the humans who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world. Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud UX platform, has allowed more than 5 million users across 32 countries to assemble highly complex, beautiful, bespoke applications without writing code. Apply here.


TransCard offers a SaaS funds disbursement and management platform that takes regulatory, time and cost burdens off payers, while providing payees secure, self-service options for receiving their money. The company’s online platform greatly simplifies payment processes for organizations across a broad range of industries including financial services, corporate disbursements, insurance, hospitality, and payroll. Apply here.


Founded in 2008, CodeScience was one of the first PDOs (Product Development Organization) for Salesforce focusing on building products on the Salesforce platform, and now the first to receive the PDO Masters designation from Salesforce! With offices in Chattanooga, TN and San Francisco, CA, we support the unique needs of ISV companies, guiding them through the full lifecycle, including the plan, build/test, distribution, marketing, sales and support phases. Apply here.