Get Cozy with the Best Soups in Chattanooga

By Lizzie Hickman

Summer said farewell to our scenic city, and we said farewell to long, warm days. Now tree branches are starting to show their colors.

Coffee shops are churning out pumpkin spice beverages and storefronts are changing their displays to sweaters and denim.

It’s the season of switching from smoothies and iced coffee to hot lattes and soups. Fall is officially upon us and that means it's soup season. 

Let’s face it, soup is the perfect food. It’s filling, warm and comes in so many varieties even the pickiest eaters can find a soup to love. And while hearty, they never leave you feeling heavy, making sure you’re alert for that post-lunch meeting.

Ready to cozy up? Check out our top picks for soup season:  

Bantam + Biddy

Looking for something more filling than a broth-based soup? Try Bantam + Biddy’s organic black bean soup. Creamy black beans and tabasco cream cover the savory and spicy flavor profiles of fall all while keeping you safe from that 2 p.m. snack attack. 

The Chef and his Wife 

We get it, between work, running the kids to after-school activities and your endless to-do list finding time to snuggle up with a steaming bowl of soup isn't a high priority. The Chef and his Wife will make your fall soup dreams come true in the time it takes to heat up their fresh or frozen carry out meals. Their loaded potato and shrimp and corn chowder will have you feeling festive in no time. 

Flying Squirrel

While it might not be *soup* it’s still brothy with loads of veggies, so it makes the list. The Flying Squirrel’s Thai yellow curry fits the fall aesthetic (how could yellow not?), warming you up from the inside out. Thai yellow curry is perfect when you want something soup-like but without traditional fall flavors. 

Hair of the Dog Pub

Do you like beer? What about cheese? If you answered yes to both, the Hair of the Dog Pub’s beer cheese soup is for you. If that’s not your thing, try their Soup Du Jour or soup of the day. It’s made with local ingredients, giving you a taste of Chattanooga with each cozy spoonful.

Mindy B’s

Nothing says let’s watch football and enjoy crisp weather like a steaming bowl of chili. The best chili around is found at Mindy B’s. Most products served at Mindy B’s are locally-sourced and made in house. They even roast their own beef and turkey. Speaking of turkey, get your Thanksgiving pre-game going by ordering your Thanksgiving dishes from Mindy B's - place orders by Nov. 22. 

Panera Bread

Okay. It’s a classic. Panera Bread is known for its soups and salads. Who doesn’t want to sit outside with a bread bowl full of broccoli cheddar or creamy tomato soup and watch green leaves turn red? With Gunbarrel, Market Street and Northgate locations, you can swing by any convenient spot.

Taco Mamacita

Is your sweater not the only thing that’s a little scratchy? If the colder weather has brought on sniffles, swing into Taco Mamacita for some chicken tortilla soup. It’s fresh, comforting and an excuse to also eat tacos. Vegan or vegetarian? No problem as they have an animal product free version of the soup. 

Southern Star

A local favorite. No local soup list is complete without Southern Star’s Brunswick stew. They’ve been serving it every day for the last 20 years. It’s got tomatoes, beans, veggies and delicious meat. The Brunswick stew is hearty, perfect for a fall lunch. Gather your colleagues and waltz over to Southern Star for a festi-veg lunch. 

Know a local soup that should be on our list? Let us know