Chattanooga, TN

Literally Perfect

That was pretty different, right? Well, Chattanooga is different. When other communities zig, Chattanooga zags. That independent spirit is why so many great companies choose to call this city home. From a rugged, outdoor scene to a bustling downtown, Chattanooga offers something for everyone. You’ve seen the fiction, now take a moment and get to know some of the real companies who decided that Chattanooga was literally, the perfect place for business.


Ready to move here? Great. We’ve got the solution. Bellhops, a local Chattanooga start-up, offers on-demand moving through a nationwide workforce of college students. Movers connect with students through the Bellhops App. The students get a flexible way to earn some extra money, and the movers get fast and friendly help. Since opening their doors in Chattanooga, Bellhops has been growing like crazy – quintupling their business in the past year alone.

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In Chattanooga, we’re not satisfied with simply attracting the best tech talent. We’re also committed to raising the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs with programs like TechTown™, a technology and entrepreneurial learning center offering year-round after-school programs and summer camps. Cordell Carter, TechTown™ CEO, began the program in Chattanooga because he thought the city was poised to be the foremost center for innovation in the Southeast. TechTown™ is a place where kids discover, learn, and explore the limitless possibilities of their imaginations.

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If you’re coming here, you’ll need a place to stay. Thinking custom built? Branch Technologies might be the answer. Through a nationwide contest, Branch is seeking the perfect design for the world’s first 3D printed house. Founded by an experienced architect, Branch is revolutionizing both the construction industry and the world of 3D printing. Operating the world’s largest 3D printing robot, Branch Technologies creates lightweight composite assemblies consisting of a 3D printed frame with spray foam on one side and concrete on the other.

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West Star

How are you going to get here? Why not arrive in style on a private jet? If you need further proof that big business considers Chattanooga a major destination, look no further than West Star Aviation. The company, which recently opened operations in Chattanooga, offers a variety of maintenance and refitting services for corporate aircraft. So jet setting CEOs who operate out of Chattanooga don’t need to leave town to have their corporate fleet serviced.

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VaynerMedia, a forward-thinking digital media agency was founded in New York and drawn by the growing entrepreneurial scene in the Scenic City. VaynerMedia co-founder and CEO Gary Vaynerchuk – who goes by GaryVee to his millions of social media fans – opened the rapidly growing agency’s Chattanooga office in 2015 and shares his expert business advice in a regular column for, one of the city’s alternative online news sources.

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Looking for a place with a little international flavor? Chattanooga may be located in the Southeast U.S., but it’s a city with a global culture. If you need proof, look no further than Yanfeng. The largest supplier of auto-interiors in the world decided to open operations in Chattanooga last year. They needed a place that would allow them to reach their American customers, while maintaining international connections. Chattanooga was literally, the perfect fit.

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